I am currently an Undergraduate student in Oregon, working to become a high school English teacher. This is a basic portfolio that I plan to grow on and continue to build as my schooling continues.

This website is a collection of the things I have learned and currently learning to become the best educator that I can be for future students. Due to the growing nature of education, this will always be a work in progress as I continue to grow myself.
I am always looking to learn from my mistakes, so if there is an error you feel needs attention please let me know. I always try my best, but sometimes human error comes through.


Five principles of pedagogy

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Ed Tech Now

Teacher at blackboardPeople talk a lot about “pedagogy”—but what do they actually mean? In this post, I suggest five principles that might help clarify matters.

I have been meaning to write this post for a while, as a condensed conclusion from my long essays, Education’s coming revolution and In the beginning was the conversation. But the the spark that has persuaded me to get it down on paper was given to me by a Twitter conversation with Pete Bell, an ICT Examiner, who quoted J Bruner saying “Teaching is the canny art of intellectual temptation”. The argument of this post is that teaching is a lot more than that.

I propose the following five key principles of good pedagogy:

  • motivation;
  • exposition;
  • direction of activity;
  • criticism;
  • inviting imitation.

These principles may of course overlap and/or be sub-divided into sub-principles.

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W16 Projects

I am currently in the process of filming a video of myself helping a 5th grader learn new words and how to use them with the classic board game Scrabble. This is something I am excited for because I am particularly close with the child, and I look forward to not only see the results of this activity, but to receive fed back from them. [That is something often overlooked and under rated, evaluations from your own students.]

The link to view the lesson plan is here, and the final project this video will be a part of will be posted here.

Today we just have met our other partner(s) for our final presentation as well. We all seem to have different paths we want to take in education, but we all liked Chapter 9 of our text.

I am hopeful for what this project will being eye opening for how to integrate technology into English education. I don’t see much more being used in high school other than a computer to research and typing, and any kind of activity that can be on an interactive projector, but I hope to change this.